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  1. Yana and Osiris

    Educating your Sphynx: any tips?

    Morning cat moms and dads! Osiris has been feeling better and no more puking even after eating like the biggest piggy on the Earth. I'm going to fire out a bunch of questions to hear from you about your experience, so mentoring is welcome {= Is it a sphynx thingy that they literally honk or...
  2. Chynaleigh1

    Pregnant Sphynx Stomach Troubles

    Hello Lovely people, my gorgeous girl Dior has accidentally fallen pregnant before I got a chance to do her boosters Vaccinations. I took her to the vets appointment for her boosters and they said that she couldn’t have them as she’s pregnant and it’s not safe and to have the whole course...
  3. DD2C0028-D3DB-447E-9F95-1BACA7636E1E.jpeg


    My little alien
  4. S

    food for Norbert

    Hiya, we are just weeks away from getting our new sphynx baby- Norbert- he is currently 3 weeks and will be on Purina ONE kitten food which we want to ween him off of for multiple reasons: 1) COVID-19 makes it near impossible to actually get this specific one 2)its high in grain- which we know...
  5. Andre has turned 10 months

    Andre has turned 10 months

    He's the Apple of everyone he meets eye so loving and happy to meet everyone.
  6. C

    Lurking and wondering about poo

    Hi - I’m a new member looking into getting a sphynx. I’ve been lurking a trying to soak up all the information I need before bringing home my kitten. I see so many posts about diarrhoea and loose bowels etc. I know that these kitties can be sensitive to diet and so forth. My intention is to...