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  1. Chilly Willy

    16 week old Sphynx kitten questions! Please help!

    Hello all! I am a new owner of a beautiful naked baby boy. He came from Louisiana. IT was love at first sight! I have some real concerns that could be life changing for my Chilly Willy. I was told his eye was scratched out by a litter mate, so he only has one eye. He also has a congenital leg...
  2. Molly Pearl

    Tips for making the most of our time with Walter (HCM)

    Hello all, Our littlest baby Walter (6 mo) was diagnosed with severe HCM this morning. The vet says he has significant thickening of his heart and prescribed enalapril. He has no outward symptoms, no trouble breathing, and is quite happy, hungry, and active otherwise. We want to think we'll...
  3. Amy31


    Hey guys just a quick question, how often do you worm your cat? My little ones coming up to 6months and I've been told varies thing from different vets, from every month to every 3, lucifers around my own cats who go out a lot and my boyfriends cats who go out, also is he old enough to be done...
  4. emilie

    Blood in kitten stool

    Hi everyone, I picked up a new 12 week old sphynx kitten on Saturday 15th November (last week) and he has justdone a very runny stool with blood and possibly mucus in. He seems to be fine otherwise fine, playful and he's eating and drinking normally. Does anyone know what this could be? Please...
  5. pearlpollard

    Fatty pads after spay?

    Hey all! My almost 5 month old girl is starting to get lumps on her lower stomach. 2 lumps to be exact. They are on her lower stomach, kind of beside the inside of her back legs. I asked my breeder about it and she said its normal and it happens in a lot of female cats. She called it "like a...
  6. Bindiandpumpkin

    Why is she Suckling still!?

    My girl kitten keeps trying to suckle my boy kitten!! She tries to suckle him all over and I can imagine it's quite uncomfortable for him, any tips on how to get her to stop? And why does she do this still if she's fully weaned? :bored:
  7. JennaJoy

    Pee issue-help!

    My kitten is 12 weeks old today. It seems like every week she is having a pee accident in bed! Now, she is tiny and it is quite a jump to get down from our tall bed, but she does it often. It's has happened twice in the past 2 weeks and moments ago she went on our bath may even tho I had just...
  8. Spoon&Sphynx

    Surprise Gotcha!

    Meet Darwin! He is 6 weeks old, and I can't wait to bring him home! Here's the thing - he's a surprise for boyfriend and I need your help! We currently have 2 females. We adopted both of them because we didn't want to spend the money on a kitten when there are so many homeless sphynxies...
  9. pearlpollard

    Excessive meowing

    Hey everyone! Just have some questions about constant meowing... When is meowing considered to be excessive?? I have an almost 5 months old girl and she's always been a little talkative but within the last month or so she's begun to meow A LOT. About anything and everything. I always make...
  10. pearlpollard

    Nature's Variety raw

    Hi guys! Just wondering how many people feed Nature's Variety raw food? I have tired a few different kinds of their meat choices with my girl. She came to me eating a homemade raw food and over about a month or so I slowly switched her to the nature's variety. She loves it! I tried the chicken...
  11. Elaina

    Advice on food for my 5 month old Sphynx?

    Hello! I signed up a few minutes ago, I'm Elaina and new to the lair. :) I am looking for some advice if possible please. I've had Gabbi for a week now she is 5 months old. The breeder told me her diet consists of Acana cat food and natural instincts weaning paste...
  12. morganjeanne33

    Boston sphynx playdate?

    I live in Boston, and would love to find another sphynx in the area for my baby to play with! He is now 7 months old, very playful and friendly with people and other cats. If interested, please let me know! you can message me/reply on here or email me at morganjeanne33@gmail.com we are willing...
  13. Reina

    ear ache gone worse..

    Hi all..I could use a little sphynx love and support. My 8 month old boy developed an ear infection, so we took him to the vet as soon as possible. (Yesterday) He has been a ball of issues since we first brought him home and learned that he has FHV, but lately he hasn't had a break out in...
  14. BertBert

    Looking for a Sphynx to adopt near Albany, NY

    I recently lost my sweet Sphynx boy to cancer. My heart and home feel so empty without him. I'm looking for information on reputable breeders within a reasonable distance. My Sphynx was a rescue, from a breeder bust. He was a source of constant joy. I miss him terribly, but am ready to open my...
  15. JennaJoy

    Pet Store Foods

    I am brand new to this breed and I pick up my baby girl in 2 weeks. I've been attempting to do as much research as possible. I'm having a hard time deciding on a solid, healthy cat food. I cannot do a raw diet, as our lifestyle will not allow it. We travel in our RV for business and we need a...
  16. Ericalonghurst

    Kitten to adult

    Just got my first cat in general and he's a beautiful boy named Obi he is 3.5 months old. My question is about kitten behaviours... I'm just curious of he will change or grow out of certian ways such as he doesn't like to be held much by is snuggly at times he is very curious and loves to...
  17. Sphanks

    Sucking on himself?

    Hey there! I recently adopted my first sphynx cat (he is now 4 months old and a week or so) and he sucks on himself like he's nursing his mother. He does this every day before he falls asleep and sometime I think he is even asleep and still doing it. I know this can be a sign of being taken...
  18. morganjeanne33

    my 5 month old boy has a heart murmur.. any insight?

    I just went to the vet to get my new 5 month old boy checked out (my first sphynx) ... vet found a heart murmur and recommends that i see a cardiologist. I set up an appointment for next week but i'm still very concerned and anxious and would like to see if anyone has had any similar situations...
  19. celesteandbrina

    Watery eyes/ stuffy nose

    Hello, I'm new to the lair and sphynx breed. I've had my baby girl Sabrina for just over a week now, she just turned 12 weeks today (the 1st.) When I took her to the vet the 1st time, 2 days after I got her she had a minor eye infection in her right eye and was prescribed eye drops. I gave them...
  20. Molly Pearl

    Integrating a new kitten

    Hello all, My husband and I just introduced our newest sphynx, ten week old Karl, to our two year old sphynx Sturgeon. So far they seem to be doing a lot of feeling each other out and little bits of hissing in between butt- smelling. :) Any suggestions on what can be done (we've already set up...
  21. admin

    HCM Scanning Poll (buying a sphynx kitten)

    Do you or would you expect a breeder to scan for HCM before you would purchase a kitten from them? Feel free to comment. (forum rules apply here.)
  22. KelseaLoren

    I'm his Scratching Post?

    I have been having this strange problem with Oliver. He doesn't scratch anything, not the furniture (which is great) but he also doesn't scratch his scratching post... which wouldn't be a problem except he has adopted me as his new scratching post. At first it was when I was brushing my teeth or...
  23. smithmh987

    Taking him to the vet?

    Hi there! I will be getting my first sphynx cat in 25 days, and I'm trying to do as much ahead of time planning so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Should I be taking him to the vet as soon as I get him for a checkup?
  24. smithmh987

    New sphynx kitten soon!

    I'm new to spynxlair, and new to sphynx cats. My little man will be here in 26 days! Some photos are attached.. I knew he was the one as soon as I saw his photos! I was just browsing when I found him, but he was too beautiful to pass up. Photo2 by smithmh987 posted May 28, 2014 at 7:44 PMPhoto3...
  25. J

    Massachusetts Sphynx Breeders?

    If anyone knows about any reputable breeders of Sphynx cats near Massachusetts or in Mass, if you could please PM me some info and a website? Thanks