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  1. NevynNoir

    Help...Kitten Wont Stop Climbing Me

    My little guy Wonton is about 15 weeks old now, and we've been having a major issue with him climbing/jumping/digging his claws into my legs. Basically as soon as I get up, walk around or stand up, he's right there trying to climb me, or at least planning his method of attack. I will scold him...
  2. Spacecat

    Sores on the back of Sphynx's legs

    A friend of mine has a problem with her Sphynx. I was talking about it to another friend on line who said she used to come here along time ago. She said there were a couple of owners who had the same problem and I might ask if they are still here. She remembered one name Michele Been and her cat...
  3. ilovedex87

    Rash on Legs and Face

    Poor little Dexter has started showing signs of a rash on his front legs & less severe but still visible on his face right above his eyes.. I am going to take him into the vet tomorrow, but just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with this. Where it is located on his paws is the same...
  4. bellebeen

    Bad to the Bone

    Bones is the sweetest sphynx EVER! His story is so so bitter sweet! and I'm here to tell it. Bones is 2, and was found by my sister on the ebay pets classifieds web site. The woman was asking for $500, and my sister, knowing I wanted one terribly, offered her $200, and the lady agreed. We had...