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  1. LoonyLuna

    Weird twitch

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone has ever seen their cat do this? It started yesterday, and it's not constant. She'll do it repeatedly for a bit, and then not again for hours. It's almost like a facial twitch and only on the left side. She just lifts her lip like a grimace for a second. Her teeth...
  2. Annubrius

    Lip sores??

    Hello SL Crew! Just wondering if anyone has run into this issue or something similar in their sphynxy owning days? I noticed that Nuhn had these little red patches under his lips since day one. Not gotten better, but not much worse either until today. They look a bit more angry. He's got adult...
  3. LithiumLittle

    sores by mouth

    I am probably just being overly paranoid, but I noticed these little sores on his mouth this morning when he was sleeping on my lap. I am assuming it's just that his adult teeth are coming in and rubbing areas that aren't used to it. Also excuse that he has food on his face still.