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  1. Nicolemorgan

    Gatsby & Loki Vet Visit For Allergies

    Loki & Gatsby had their muscle testing done for allergies today at the vet. We decided to do this again as Loki was allergic to many kibbles, treats, and commercial raw foods the last time we did this test, which was about a year ago now. He has lots of issues with foods, so it’s important to us...
  2. Nicolemorgan

    Gatsby & Loki's New Petcube! (Pics included)

    So, we've been looking into some interactive pet cams and we decided to pick one up yesterday. :) The Petcube was $50 off so we didn't want to miss out. We set it up last night and the cats loved playing with the laser! And being at work today, it's so neat to be able to check-in on the...
  3. Nicolemorgan

    Nighttime Ritual with Gatsby & Loki

    I love how smart animals are and how much they love routines. We have a nighttime ritual with all our babies, but I took a couple pictures of Loki and Gatsby (our amazing sphynx babies) in particular. Every night, we give them their chicken treat and then cuddle them into our arms to walk them...
  4. Nicolemorgan

    Cuddle monsters!

    Oh geez, these two just melt my heart everyday! They just love each other so much!! I swear, I don't know how I ever get anything done... all I ever want to do is just watch them sleep, eat, play, and well... more sleep. Haha. They are our little cuddle monsters and I could never imagine life...
  5. Nicolemorgan

    Sunday Funday

    Hey everyone, hope you are having a lovely Sunday!!! It snowed here again in Edmonton :( so we just kept warm all day, had the fire going and the heating pads for the babies. Here were some photos from this afternoon of our two sweeties, Loki & Gatsby!
  6. Nicolemorgan

    Keeping Cozy

    Everyone in the house loves a good fire! :):)
  7. Nicolemorgan

    Favorite toys

    What is your sphynx cats favorite toy?! Loki and Gatsby are currently obsessed with the Da Bird toy with the mouse attachment. I don't know what it is about the mouse attachment but it drives them crazy. They jump super high in the air for it, and then when they do grab it, they hold on for...