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loose stools normal sometimes

  1. Nicky00

    Loose stool

    Hi!so my naked baby is about 5 months and since I got her she has been having loose stool. But the weird thing is it's not consistent. She can be fine for a few days then have loose stool for a day or two. I feed her more pumpkin and then she returns to normal. Rinse and repeat. She doesn't have...
  2. pussiette

    Pumpkin how much? (Dosage)

    How much plain boiled mashed cooked pumpkin do you add to food for a 5 1/2 month old and 7 mth old kitten with intermittent loose stools please? Both have had faecal exams and one had a course of flagyl. Changing the wet to dry food ratio helps greatly but still sometimes we are getting loose...