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  1. 4/4 Getting Fuzzies!

    4/4 Getting Fuzzies!

  2. 3/4 Getting Fuzzies!

    3/4 Getting Fuzzies!

  3. 2/4 Getting Fuzzies!

    2/4 Getting Fuzzies!

  4. 1/4 Getting Fuzzies!

    1/4 Getting Fuzzies!

  5. Easter Lounging

    Easter Lounging

    2/2 from the Easter pics we received! The amount of SAS he has to offer is absolutely to die for as well. :'D
  6. Sexy Stripes

    Sexy Stripes

    1/2 Easter pics of our sweet boy!
  7. Our Lord

    Our Lord

    First (update) picture I received after we placed the deposit.
  8. Bambino In Waiting

    Bambino In Waiting

    The first picture we saw of Beerus; ngl I couldn't even tell her was a Bambino at first, but we absolutely fell in love with him!