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  1. Catalina

    help!!! . i don t know what is this...

    Today i ve noticed those tiny spots/dots on my baby s skin. Can anyone tell me what is this? I m scared... and for the moment i can t go to vet today... i ll go monday. Srry my english.
  2. BusterTheCat


    Hello. Dunkin has some kind of marks going down his back that I noticed tonight. I'm not sure if they are scratches because the skin isn't cut at all, they are just like raised red lines. It worries me that it's going down his whole back. We do have two other cats but I don't think they would...
  3. Elaina

    Black/brown spots?

    I've posted this before but it seems the marks on my little one isn't getting any better. I've changed litter and food and also reversed back to everything she had as a kitten to see if it is an allergy but it seems nothing has improved. I've attached some photographs below. Do you think it's...
  4. Elaina

    Sphynx back leg sores??

    Hi all, Gabbi is nearly six months old Up to date with all injections Had a check up with the vet since coming home to me 2 weeks ago I've noticed these sores on the back of her legs? (It's more on the back of the legs, where her legs bend to sit down) Is this normal for a Sphynx? I'm quite...