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  1. kelsheyyx

    Sphinx found in tristate area! Anyone missing their cat?

    Hi all, a friend forwarded me a Facebook post from someone she knows who found a sphinx on the road. Cat is almost a brindle, with a very dark/spotted face. Not sure if it is a girl or boy at the moment or where exactly it was found I am trying to get more info. No collar. I live in NJ and the...
  2. BusterTheCat

    Missing sphynx in Charleswood, Winnipeg (Canada)

    I just saw on Instagram that there is a missing sphynx in Charleswood, Winnipeg (Canada). His name is Lucifer (goes by Lu) and he has an inner-ear tattoo that says "AG 126." If you live in this area and hear or see anything, please contact Meaghan Waller, her instagram is @meaghanann. I don't...