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  1. sphynkles

    LOST KITTY !!!!!!!!! Update Kylo has been found!

    Our Dear baby ,Kylo is missing! We have no idea how! But he isn’t in our house! We looked everywhere in the house and we’ve knocked on the doors of our neighbours and checked under cars... we can’t find him anywhere!! If anyone sees a bald kitty, blue eyes and pink and black claws (he has nail...
  2. kelsheyyx

    Sphinx found in tristate area! Anyone missing their cat?

    Hi all, a friend forwarded me a Facebook post from someone she knows who found a sphinx on the road. Cat is almost a brindle, with a very dark/spotted face. Not sure if it is a girl or boy at the moment or where exactly it was found I am trying to get more info. No collar. I live in NJ and the...
  3. BusterTheCat

    Missing sphynx in Charleswood, Winnipeg (Canada)

    I just saw on Instagram that there is a missing sphynx in Charleswood, Winnipeg (Canada). His name is Lucifer (goes by Lu) and he has an inner-ear tattoo that says "AG 126." If you live in this area and hear or see anything, please contact Meaghan Waller, her instagram is @meaghanann. I don't...