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  1. W

    Mycoplasma/Veraflox Use

    Hi guys- My 4.5 month old sphynx was diagnosed with both mycoplasma felis and chlamydia. I was prescribed amoxicillin x 14 days for chlamydia and Veraflox x10 days for mycoplasma. Is 10 days standard for treatment? I feel it’s not long enough. All I ever see in my Facebook groups is talk of...
  2. treefoil

    Mycoplasma and Herpes

    Hey there, my boy Oscar has eye-issues since i got him one year ago. I tried different vets, and homeopathy. Homeopathy worked best so far but the problems didnt go away.... now I saw a new vet and she told me to visit an eye-clinic, because she thinks its an entropium. While searching the net...