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name help

  1. LuckyNo21

    Still can't figure out her name

    So I have had my new baby since late Friday night and am stuck between two names. I need to hurry up and decide so she can learn her name and we can register her microchip and get a pet tag. At first we were going to name her Nala thinking she looked like a little Nala lion, then once I got her...
  2. Monica

    Chocolate Kitty, WTF is your name?!!

    Pardon my frustrations :ROFLMAO:; ) Chocolate kitty is coming home in less than a week! I’m so excited/nervous + annoyed that I can’t seem to find a name that fits! Well... a name that fits, that ALSO pleases hubs. The breeder sent me a new video of my baby girl. I managed to snap a screen...
  3. Monica

    Sphynx Name Meanings

    Hola Lairians!! :cat::cat::cat: Having been around the Lair for a few months now, I’ve noticed there are so many unique and creative sphynx names!! Some are cute, some are funny. Some are historical, others from pop culture. With so many members from all over the world, I though it would be...
  4. Axhlxxgh

    A name?!

    I think I may have come up with a name for my fuzzy tailed baby! I pick him up in 3 hours!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I was thinking he looks like a Theodore !? Theo for short??? What do you think??
  5. Axhlxxgh

    New sphynx mumma ❤️

    Hey ladies and gents! I'm finally picking up my new son Thursday and I'm so excited has anyone got any advice for me? Also I need help choosing a name! Can't wait to get my little fuzzy tail ❤️
  6. Monica

    Soon to be Sphynx Baby Mama!! Hola!!

    Hola! I’m currently the baby mama of one pit/boxer mix, one teacup yorkie, one adorable 7 month old baby girl AND expecting a seal mink sphynx boy in late May! We just reserved our baby, and I think I may go stir crazy waiting for gotcha day! I’ve been wanting a sphynx for 5 years now and...