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new food

  1. NatashaHodnett

    Trying a new raw food? Had anyone tried it? Nutrience sub zero frozen raw

    Hey all, hope everyone is healthy and staying in with their furless friends! Due to the current situation the food I normally get for my boy Tisserie has been sold out or only available in small portions. (I usually feed instinct frozen raw medallions) When I went to the freezer/raw section to...
  2. GMPLAX23

    Petco visit

    Hi everyone! Tut turned 1 on August first so I wanted to spoil him with a new toy and a trip to the store! He did so well :D He did meow a whole lot in the car but was comfortable in the store. He was great on his leash and meandered (as cats do). The employees were very inviting and interested...
  3. Strangecat

    Sick Kitty ) :

    Hey everyone, I'm having some struggles trying to figure out what is going on with Mars... since sunday evening ( it is now wednesday ) my Mars ( almost 5 months ) has been sick and slow and sleepy and just not eating or being as energetic as usual. He sleeps through the night with me but he's...