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new kitten introduction

  1. Marerickson

    New little sister!!

    Hello! Zhuri is getting a new little sister next week! Gotcha day is set for Thursday! Zhuri is just about 18 weeks old so I am hoping she adjusts easily to a new kitten! I think she will enjoy having someone to wrestle and play with & snuggle while we are at work! Any one have any experiences...
  2. NoahsArk

    New sphynx and new house

    hello all! New poster, longer follower. We have one wonderful sphynx, Dobbie - surrogate mother to my son and general peace-keeper. We've been thinking about getting another sphynx for a while now, and I'm keen on a kitten/younger male (as I hear they settle with female adults better (she's 4)...
  3. Sphynxingit

    New Kitten Introduction Question

    I'm trying to introduce a new 4-month-old girl kitten to a 9-month-old boy kitten. I purchased a 44" high pet gate that broke as soon as I tried to set it up. The good news is that the company I purchased it from gave me a full refund. The bad news is that I am now gateless or barrierless. I...