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new kitten introduction

  1. Randomesque

    Cat introduction gone badly wrong

    Hi everyone, I have a seven month old grey Sphynx called Merlin who has been with me since May of this year, and has been an absolute joy since I got him. He is extremely vocal and wants to play constantly. I play with him as much as I can, but as I'm working from home, he often isn't happy if...
  2. Gisele

    Introducing adult and kitten

    Hi all, After we lost our lady to HCM in October I put myself on a long waiting list for a kitten with a reputable breeder. Then in may the local rescue had a 5 year old female with eye problems needing a home, so we adopted her. She’s called Alaska, since we’ve had her she has had her right...
  3. J

    advice for kitten?

    Looking for advice for my kitten Pablo, if any one could recommend what they use for bathing, moisturising, Ear cleaning, or any daily care routines? I’d be grateful :) I’m new to this so just trying to make sure I have all the essentials thank you!
  4. Marerickson

    New little sister!!

    Hello! Zhuri is getting a new little sister next week! Gotcha day is set for Thursday! Zhuri is just about 18 weeks old so I am hoping she adjusts easily to a new kitten! I think she will enjoy having someone to wrestle and play with & snuggle while we are at work! Any one have any experiences...
  5. NoahsArk

    New sphynx and new house

    hello all! New poster, longer follower. We have one wonderful sphynx, Dobbie - surrogate mother to my son and general peace-keeper. We've been thinking about getting another sphynx for a while now, and I'm keen on a kitten/younger male (as I hear they settle with female adults better (she's 4)...
  6. Sphynxingit

    New Kitten Introduction Question

    I'm trying to introduce a new 4-month-old girl kitten to a 9-month-old boy kitten. I purchased a 44" high pet gate that broke as soon as I tried to set it up. The good news is that the company I purchased it from gave me a full refund. The bad news is that I am now gateless or barrierless. I...