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new sphynx

  1. Lokiboi

    ~Loki arrives~

    Hi! My name is Chey and I am a fairly new Sphynx mum to Loki Underfoot who is a blue/grey 1 year old boy. I have had him for two months after getting him from someone who was not able to care for him and had him boarded at a vet for 4 months. I have always loved Sphynx cats and was so happy to...
  2. Bosskitty


    Here he is!! We finally have him! We didn't get off to the best start as on the way home Mouse decided to take a poop in his carry case 15mins into the hour-long journey..... which then resulted in a poop covered cat/blanket/carrier/car/myself/boyfriend. My morning went from best day ever into a...
  3. M

    Hopeful Sphynx Mom with Questions

    Hello everyone. I'm joining this forum because I've been researching a lot about Sphynx cats for the past couple of years, this forum pops up quite often and seems pretty active so I'm hoping I can be helped with my questions. : ) I've recently realized that my life is extremely empty without...
  4. Axhlxxgh

    A name?!

    I think I may have come up with a name for my fuzzy tailed baby! I pick him up in 3 hours!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I was thinking he looks like a Theodore !? Theo for short??? What do you think??
  5. Monica

    Help... What am I missing??

    Countdown to Kenzo is down to FIVE DAYS! :LOL: My excitement is now becoming anxiety.... Am I ready? How are my dogs and daughter going to get on with him? Will Kenzo love it here? Will he fit into our lifestyles easy peasy lemon squeezy? Is he naughty? Where in the house should he sleep...
  6. Monica

    Stepping on my soapbox... *rant alert*

    Can I gripe for a second? Many of you know, I’m getting my first sphynx late this month, after five long years of waiting! I am over-the-moon and excited to finally have one of these coveted creatures join my tribe!! I LOVE and adore everything about this breed; from the giant lemon eyes, big...
  7. 3mmy1115

    I just received my first sphynx!

    Hello I just got my first male sphynx yesterday! He's a year and half and not fixed yet. He's very sweet and doesn't hiss my other cats are still slightly unsure but trying to get used to him. He's been home for almost a whole day and still hasn't eaten yet. He's still really scared. I was able...
  8. Monica

    Tell us when your GOTCHA DAY is!!

    Hola all you baby mamas and daddies to be! I thought it would be fun to start a thread for all of us waiting for Gotcha Day so we can all count down together! Some of us are only days away, while others (myself included) have months yet to go! Please comment below your kitty's Gotcha Day date...
  9. L

    Do you walk your cat?

    Hello everyone! As some of you know, I will be bringing home my first sphynx next month! I've spent the last few weeks researching/learning everything I need to know about the breed and making sure I'll give Luna the best life ever. One thing that I am curious about is taking her on walks. I...
  10. tatt00wife

    Getting my baby on tuesday! :D

    Hello, My name is Britt and I live in Las Vegas. I am a soon to be new cat owner & he of course is a Sphynx! I am so excited! after waiting what seems like forever...I get to pick up my baby boy on tuesday! If anyone has tips on what I should get before picking him up I would love to get some...
  11. BluesMummy

    Blue has a brother!!!

    I would like to introduce our new addition to our family Baby Archie-Bald !!! Blue is thrilled to bits to have a new brother & they were best friends as soon as they met yesterday, within a couple of hours they were snuggled up together fast asleep, I feel truly blessed :)
  12. SassyTheSphynx

    Sassy + one?!

    Jordan and I have recently talked about adopting another hairless blessing to give Sassy some more company during the day, him and I both work and Sometimes she wont see one of us for a whole day! Then when we get home we are so exhausted we only have a little bit of time for play and snuggles...
  13. W

    New sphynx transformed our first sphynx into a mean kitty--help!

    Hi all, We've had our first sphynx, Camira, for two years now (got her as a kitten)--she is absolutely wonderful and we don't know what we did without her! Recently we acquired a second sphynx, a boy, one year old, already neutered (named Krieger). We've had him for about a month, and he and...
  14. oslosphynx

    Our new baby!

    Hi everybody, greetings from Oslo - Norway! I'm new here. Brand new lairian and brand new baby Sphynx owner. At least I will be in little over 3 weeks. Can't wait!! My boyfriend and I are still searching for names, but we don't seem to agree on it just yet. o_OIt's a girl. :love: To be honest...
  15. Sarahrg72

    My first sphynx "skinny"

    I researched the sphynx breed and breeders for months and had a lot of scam responses from fake breeders before finding the perfect breeder. I received my 6 month old boy four weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. He is more amazing than I ever could have imagined. My fiancé chose the name skinny...
  16. Anobaria

    Introducing new sphynx to fur babies

    I'm getting my sphynx in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone had any tips on introducing her to the other pets. I'm not to worried about the other house cat... but a little nervous about introducing her to the dog, even though the dog loves cats.