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  1. Tattooedmom

    New sphynx owner

    hey everyone! I'm new here and I am also a new sphynx owner I just adopted my little girl from the Toronto humane society she is 11 years old with big beautiful eyes. I just wanted to reach out and say hi to everyone and leave a window for any must knows of owning this wonderful breed! Cheers!
  2. BossSphynx

    Introducing Boss our new Sphynx cat!

    Hi, I am new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself and our cat boss. We are loving our sphynx cat and its super friendly nature! Best cat evveerr.
  3. TheBeezNiez

    Here for tips for Garçon

    I'm Meagan, I'm here because I'd never had a cat before and am a little over a month into kitten ownership. My little boy is Garçon, he's a blue eyed angel. I'm not a cat person but I am a Garçon person. Every day I'm more in love with my little monster. I'm constantly seeing sphynxlair posts...
  4. Scroopy


    I have 2 sphynx's (although one is my mums actually), and also a tabby. My sphynx is a blue and called Mooie and my mum's is red and called Nergal. They're both boys. We got Nergal as a kitten just over 3 years ago and Mooie is a new addition as we've only had him for about four months...
  5. M

    What should I name my kitty?!

    im at a loss! I recently put down a deposit for a new little baby... He or she will be born in the next few weeks (in leaning towards a male) and I can't think of a name I like! I was thinking "Jupiter" I really like that name but feel like an animals name should be two syllables lol or one...
  6. Shanebakertat2

    Hello from Dobby and I! We're new here.

    Hey Sphynxlair community! I've been getting a couple tips from the site, but this is my first post here! I picked up Dobby in October, and he just turned 4 months the 24th! A friend of mine had a male and a female, and they had kittens, and little Dobs was chosen for me. My friends weren't...
  7. CerseiBae

    Hello.. it's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet.

    Hi all! I've been a sphynx owner for about 2 months now and I'm hooked! I have cat allergies but have not had any problems since becoming a sphynx mom. Her name is Cersei (like game of thrones, if you're caught up with the seasons you'll understand why I named her that) and she's about 4 months...
  8. Hybridlover

    Hello from PA :)

    Hello from PA! I am glad to have found a forum of Sphinx cat lovers like myself :). Here is a little about me and my fur children. I have two female Sphinx, Rahja 3yrs of age and Bali 2yrs. These two are my not so furry children :) The rest of my menagerie includes an F2B male...
  9. Callie R

    Hi guys! ATL newbie here with questions on breeders/kitty care :)

    Hey there! My name is Callie and this is my first post :p I have been researching the wonderful Sphynx breed for about a month now, and have always wanted to adopt a "hairless" kitty since I was 10 (I'm 21 now). I have been talking to a few breeders, and I am weary on the whole process. I live...
  10. dodocats

    The new Nescafe promotional video

    Hello my friends :) how are you? it has been a long time since my last visit , hope you are all fine! so who doesn't love instant coffee specially if they are a great one :cool: Watch the new Nescafé Promo of 2015 funny and hilarious promotional video best coffee promo short video of my...
  11. Z

    New Sphynx Owner, my baby has URI, please, please help.

    Here's the story. I've wanted a sphynx for YEARS. My husband agreed that we could have one for our anniversary, so we saved up and searched out the perfect kitten and the perfect breeder. We picked her up last Saturday. I picked her up and she had a bit of a stuffy nose, but the breeder had...
  12. tatt00wife

    Lucifur Cornelius Is Home!

    Sorry it took me a couple days to share but I have not left my new babies side!:cat: ... It was a long road trip getting my new baby (9 hr drive total) but on the way back he was perfect...wasn't trouble at all on the way back home! The person we got him from said "be prepared! he will pee,poop...
  13. Skins95

    Brand New Here, And So is This Little Man!

    So My name is Gabby and I am brand spanking new to the Sphynx world. Recently I've began my college journey, and am well into the second semester :) My family and I (mainly myself) have decided to get a little companion for me. It's been years since we've had a cat around the house, and a sphynx...
  14. BGB

    Sphynx Groupie

    I have love Sphynx cats for a long time. I think they are such beautiful cats and would really love to own one someday. Right now I live out of the states and in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, I hate it. I've always grown up around animals so I'm a little down that couldn't even bring my...
  15. jess


    Hi! I'm new here, not entirely new i've been following this site for quite some times while i'm still searching for my naked baby. Now i got 1 so i decided to create an account and introduce myself and my boy to all of you :D:D My name is Jesslyn, 22, i'm from Indonesia (haven't found anyone...
  16. paxxon's first christmas

    paxxon's first christmas

    house elf
  17. bk89

    looking to adopt in Atl, Ga

    If anyone in Georgia or within a reasonable driving distance (florida, SC, alabama) is looking to rehome a sphynx kitten I am looking to adopt. I have another cat and small dogs so a young cat or an adult cat that doesnt care is a preference. Thanks!
  18. xparoxsym

    Hey there!

    Hey everyone. I'm new here, just wanted to post a quick hello from myself and my sphynx Moxley. Moxley or mox is a 1.5 year old cream point male, and one of the sweetest cats you'll ever meet unless you're a fly. My name is Kelsey, I'm sure I've come across most of your sphynx instagrams(my...
  19. Molly Pearl

    Integrating a new kitten

    Hello all, My husband and I just introduced our newest sphynx, ten week old Karl, to our two year old sphynx Sturgeon. So far they seem to be doing a lot of feeling each other out and little bits of hissing in between butt- smelling. :) Any suggestions on what can be done (we've already set up...
  20. smithmh987

    Taking him to the vet?

    Hi there! I will be getting my first sphynx cat in 25 days, and I'm trying to do as much ahead of time planning so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Should I be taking him to the vet as soon as I get him for a checkup?
  21. smithmh987

    New sphynx kitten soon!

    I'm new to spynxlair, and new to sphynx cats. My little man will be here in 26 days! Some photos are attached.. I knew he was the one as soon as I saw his photos! I was just browsing when I found him, but he was too beautiful to pass up. Photo2 by smithmh987 posted May 28, 2014 at 7:44 PMPhoto3...
  22. J

    Getting First Sphynx

    So I am planning on getting my first Sphynx sometime in June. I know the basics but I was wondering if there was any advice that some of you may have picked up with experience? I also have two cats and I was wondering how I can 'acclimate' them easier? I know to keep my Sphynx in my room away...
  23. L

    New here!

    Hi! We are new here! Just got our first Sphynx baby on April 8. He's 3 months old and we are so in love with him! I named him Akhenaten after the alien pharaoh of Egypt. Akhen for short. My wife and I also have a 1 year old human boy ;) So excited to have found sphynx lair. The picture with his...
  24. BusterTheCat

    Hi! :)

    I recently joined Sphynx Lair and am in love with sphynx cats! Buster is my one and only sphynx and he is about eight years old! He has an older brother (Ashe) and sister (Rosie) who are both Bombay cats. He also grew up with two dogs in the family so he is a dog-friendly sphynx! Buster's two...
  25. KelseaLoren

    Introducing my Sphynx to my dog? Help XD

    I am not getting my baby until May, but I have been trying to figure out everything in advanced. I was wondering how I should introduce Oliver to my dog, Sam. I would know what to do if I was introducing Sam to a puppy, and for some reason in my mind a puppy is a little more hardy and would be...