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northern california

  1. glamourtoad

    Looking to adopt a fur(less) baby!

    Hi everyone! I recently moved out of my family home and am looking to adopt a sphynx baby to keep me company. I am from northern California, but am willing to travel. My family has rescued special needs cats for my entire life and I am very used to dealing with medication, special diets, and...
  2. C


    Me and my wife would love nothing more in this world than to adopted,rescue a darling sphynx, we live in the east bay area California, you would truly be making our dreams come true if you could help us. Thankyou, Calvin and Maria Beasley
  3. F

    Sphynx Cat Northen CA

    Please help!! I'm looking for a Sphynx to adopt in Northern California. Please let me know if you have one or know of someone who does. Thanks!