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not eating much

  1. Rkgxo

    Fussy boy!

    Hello everyone , I have a 1 year old sphynx boy! He was a very good eater until recently when I put out his food he doesn’t want it straight away , he will pick at it throughout the day! I’ve tried adding a meat frube which he seems to then eat it, but not all of it! Sometimes I come on and...
  2. L

    Poorly cat advice - not eating

    Hello, My cat is around is 1 years old and have had him since a kitten. The past week he has been off his food, he is eating but not as much as normal. I noticed that he was sick a few days last week. He seems okay in himself, he is normally lazy so his behaviour has not changed. I’m worried...
  3. Cooper Rose

    My kittens not bothered about food

    hey so i got a new sphynx over a week ago, he's very playful and loving! had a vet check up a week ago when i got him and was told he is healthy and well. he was wormed 5 days ago but for some reason he's just not bothered about food! which is just a new problem to me as my other sphynx boy...