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not getting along

  1. KitKat121

    Surprise Gotcha day! Having some introduction issues

    So my mum and I found a pure white two year old female for immediate adoption and we couldn't refuse! The owner wanted her as a breeding cat but the cat refused to breed. Even though we've only had her a few hours (we haven't named her yet) She doesn't seem to like Grimley (a boy) . I don't...
  2. Mckenzie

    Kittens aren't getting along

    Hi all! I recently adopted a 13 wk old male sphynx (Huey) and was so excited until I had to leave for work Huey was so talkative and it broke my heart , so I decided to get him a friend. Last night I adopted another (female) sphynx same exact age her name is Junie. I introduce them and all...