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  1. acduff

    Litter? Cheats? And apartment experience if you have it..

    Hey guys! New to the sphynx fam but curious as to all of the things that everyone uses when it comes to their sphynx and more importantly.. their butts. As I'm transitioning my baby onto a new food (Instinct limited ingredient/turkey) from royal canin gi my baby's poop is moosh. Although I can't...
  2. Leeanne


    New sphynx owner having a couple issues I hope to fix ASAP! My kitten Rosé seems to be pooping all over our apartment. She mainly poops in the bed while we are sleeping or on my partner side of the bed on the floor . She has also pooped in the closet and an area in the dining room . What's...
  3. L

    Kitty litter

    Has anyone used crystal litter? Pros/Cons?
  4. Monchchichi

    I apologize in advance if this grosses anyone out.

    First I want to apologize for not being on the Lair much lately, I've been working crazy hours 6 days a week and have just been to exhausted afterwards to come online for any longer than 3 minutes! Anyways, I have a question. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know what it was...