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  1. sphynkles

    Red Swollen eye!

    I have notice my baby kilo has a half closed red swollen eye! We use 100 percent dust free litter, he has no lashes, and no other cats! Im not sure what is wrong and what to do? Please help!
  2. JojoCatMama

    Kinked/Compressed Tail

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you all an update of Merlin and Tansy. Both kittens have been doing great, except that on Sunday we noticed Merlin had a sizable lump on his tail. Feeling it, it was hard and I guessed some sort of fracture or maybe a hard abscess. Hubby took him to the vet...
  3. sphynkles

    Scraped Paw Pads! ):

    :cry::(So, Kilo enjoys walking on a leash, but today, on the way back from our walk, he stopped and started licking his paws! I picked him up and looked at his lil feetsies, only to find that he had somehow scraped his toes on all four paws!! :arghh::(:confused: I took him inside and washed his...
  4. treefoil


    Well this time the bathing was a bit painful... Mine hate it so much... But this time oskar went to panic mode. He was quite behaving not moving to much. My sister helped me and lost grip, so he ran away - dripping wet. We were finished washing him, but i needed to get him into the towel. He...