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  1. JojoCatMama

    Kinked/Compressed Tail

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you all an update of Merlin and Tansy. Both kittens have been doing great, except that on Sunday we noticed Merlin had a sizable lump on his tail. Feeling it, it was hard and I guessed some sort of fracture or maybe a hard abscess. Hubby took him to the vet...
  2. Wrinklestiltskin

    Kitty Cat Arthritis

    Miss Kitty is a healthy, fairly active (for her age) 14 year old sphynx. We have had our share of health situations through the years, but all have been managed over time and she is doing very well. She recently had radioiodine treatment (I-131) for hyperthyroid and is now cured. However...