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  1. flower

    Antiparasitic soaps?

    I was watching Dr Oz the other day and I saw a segment that totally freaked me out! It talked about parasites that humans can catch from animals. I'm not talking about fleas and ticks. (Those have a obvious and easy solution). Im talking about worms and microscopic parasites that may lie in...
  2. Emma


    Hey guys I have a 1yr old sphynx names Rosie. In January I adopted a cat from the spca. Ever since then Rosie has been throwing up and pooping straight blood. My bathroom looks like a crime scene constantly. We have tried EVERYTHING. We have treated her for giardia, possible ibs with...
  3. MajikkuMachida

    Need advice. Kitty losing weight!

    Hello to all you beautiful sphynx cat lovers! Any advice will be useful. I have been reading past threads and have tried the glop and pumpkin in my kitty's diet. A little history and straight to the point; I have a 11 month kitten named Machida who has recently lost a lot of weight. The...
  4. Clarks Mama

    Cryptosporidium help!!!

    After months of thinking our baby has ibs and a sensitive stomach to pretty much every protein on the market.....we just new it was something else......so.....we took him in to have a different test done other than just a fecal sample. He came back positive for this cryptosporidium parasite...