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peeing outside litter box

  1. E

    Litter box issues

    Hello all! I recently got 2 female 8 week old Sphynx kittens! They are sisters. One of them took to the littler box like a pro. The other is randomly urinating on the floor and once on the couch. They were fixed about a week ago and the incisions sites are healing appropriately. I asked the...
  2. Shontae

    Sphynx REFUSES to not pee everywhere

    My sphynx is VERY inbred and has astronomical anxiety. I try to make sure he is loved enough, has access to his water fountain, good food quality and variety, and is entertained. Throughout his life he had struggled with peeing in his litter box. I've tried everything. I test his urine, no...
  3. Toulouse

    URI and now peeing on carpet

    My Toulouse is 5 months. I adopted him neutered. He was fantastic no litter issues. In November he got a URI was put on meds. Cleared up. The end of November we went on vacation. I has people come to the house so he wouldn’t get lonely. We got back and found that he had been peeing in my...
  4. HarrytheCat

    My sphynx is peeing outside of the litterbox. Help!!

    About two months ago we came back from a month long trip from Thailand and when we got back we noticed that Harry was not peeing in the litter after a few days we brought him to the vet. His bladder was fine but we got his urine checked and there was Crystals. So the vet told us to give him...
  5. Catstuff

    New kitty, first full day in my place!

    Baldwin is finally home. He's acclimating really well, eating, playing and exploring . He is however not using his litter box. I am using the same wood pellets the breeder was. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks also how do I go about kitten proofing.
  6. KitKat121

    Sphynx peeing everywhere

    Hi guys! I've been having a very unpleasant problem with my Grimley, and I think I know a solution but I wanted to make sure. Grimley has been peeing (sometimes just small amounts, other times full blown) mostly on either clothes my family has left on the floor or on everyones bed spreads. He...
  7. Onyx

    Problem with swallowing foreign bodies.

    Hi. This is my first time posting here. I read through a lot of threads when I first got my Sphynx and found this forum really helpful. I have an issue that I'm trying to fix and I wanted to see if anyone has any advice or tips. My Sphynx cat, Clyde, is not even a year old yet, but he's been...