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  1. Condo commando

    How to get rid of pee smell

    This is a helpful article on how to clean up pee from different surfaces so that the smell is gone and the cat (or dog) won't keep coming back to that spot. If You Have a Pet, You’ll Have This – Are You Prepared
  2. S

    Sphynx bladder issues

    My sphynx is about 4 years old. She is completely lovable and spoiled, definitely no issue with attention. She's started a habit of peeing everywhere. Couch, bed (most frequent), clothes left on the floor, etc. She was taken to the vet, no UTI or anything out of the ordinary. She pees in her...
  3. Catzzzmeow

    Inappropriate peeing/Prozac

    Just thought I would share, hoping to help other members. Our girl Azura has had urinary issues for a long time. She had crystals several times and we put her on urinary prescriptive food. She is finicky about clean litter boxes...we now have 5 boxes 3 Cats and 1 is a litter robot, which...
  4. Marerickson

    Raven having accidents.

    All of the sudden Raven has been peeing in weird spots. First the bathtub. Then on this little cat bed that has her toys in it. Now in the crinkly tunnel toy thing. (It isn't daily but each incident has been 2-3 days apart from one another) I thoroughly cleaned my tub and haven't allowed her...
  5. BusterTheCat


    Today, Buster had an accident. This has happened about three times before (all very spread out occasions). Once in a while, Buster will (usually when he's asleep) accidentally wet the bed and wake up very nervous and scared. He'll run off the bed and meow very oddly & loudly for a while after...
  6. KitKat121

    Sphynx peeing everywhere

    Hi guys! I've been having a very unpleasant problem with my Grimley, and I think I know a solution but I wanted to make sure. Grimley has been peeing (sometimes just small amounts, other times full blown) mostly on either clothes my family has left on the floor or on everyones bed spreads. He...
  7. sima

    peeing right next to litter box -_-

    Hi, I am a new member to sphynx community and I saw so many helpful information here. I am having an issue with my sphynx lady behavior. She uses her litter box regularly. But it has been a few days again she pees right next to her litter box! (gets on the sheets and the carpet around it) she...
  8. Bindiandpumpkin

    Litter box issues still! Please help

    So after having tried everything, moving the litter boxes, 8 different varieties if litter, a trip to the vets to rule out infection, I'm am still stuck as to why my girl sphynx (bindi) is still weeing everywhere. She has been spayed and although I thought that stopped the problem temporarily we...
  9. kerrisaysss

    Kitten not does and doesnt use litter box??

    Hey guys! I'm having some issues with my kitten and I hope you guys can give some advice? We purchased a Sphynx kitten in August from a very good breeder and he seemed to have his kittens trained to use the litter box but we did notice that some of them would pee in the sink. Since we brought...
  10. admin

    Sphynx pooping or peeing outside the litter box

    It can be very frustrating when a cat/kitten starts not using the litter box. The first thing to do is see your vet to rule out a UTI (urinary tract infection) if your cat see is peeing outside of the litter box. A urinary infection can become very serious very fast if it is not treated quickly...