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  1. JojoCatMama

    Is your kitten as crazy as mine??

    Hi everyone, I have a question: Are Sphynx kittens a special brand of crazy?? Merlin, our beautiful lavender sphynx kitten, is a wonderful maniac. He plays and plays and I rarely see him stop. Even at night, he hardly seems to take a break. We have plenty of toys for him, including a tunnel...
  2. Peachesspynx

    Kitten personality

    hi ! I recently put a deposit on my sphynx kitten peaches, I'm so excited ! I was wondering what you can tell from a 8 week old kittens personality . She sat on my lap for a good amount of time when at the breeders house and the rest of the time she played relentlessly. The other kittens didn't...