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  1. Maddie Anderson

    please help me. important

    Some of you may not agree with this but.... I'm 19 years old and Very invested in getting a sphynx. I do live on college campus but my friends, Greek life, and everyone else I see is just as exited for a kitty as me. i do think I'll provide to perfect spoiled kitty life. I have the support of...
  2. Maddie Anderson

    I need help with breeders

    I'm on my second go around with a breeder that is probably fake, If anyone can help ? send me contacts? Please
  3. J

    Getting First Sphynx

    So I am planning on getting my first Sphynx sometime in June. I know the basics but I was wondering if there was any advice that some of you may have picked up with experience? I also have two cats and I was wondering how I can 'acclimate' them easier? I know to keep my Sphynx in my room away...