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  1. M

    Seattle/ PNW :looking to adopt a kitty!

    Hello, I’m Megan and I’m looking to adopt a older sphynx cat. Preferably with good health records. I’d love to also go through a local breeder. I’m not exactly comfortable with having my kitty shipped. I’d appreciate any resources or tips you guys have. Thanks! Megan
  2. C

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx

    Hello I have been in search of a lovely sphynx kitten to provide a great loving home for. I absolutely love Sphynx cats first fell in love with the breed 3 years ago when my friend adopted a lovely one eyed sphynx. I have since been reading up all I can about them. I live in Washington state...
  3. Miss Beck

    Looking for a new home in PNW

    I am helping a friend here in Seattle, rehome thier Male sr Sphynx Einstein. He is a sweet old boy who just wants a warm lap, a few spankins and someone who has time to love on him. His owner has had him since he was a kitten, but has started her own company and cannot give him the time he...