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poo problems

  1. KiwisPapa

    Sphynx Poop!

    Hi everyone, I've owned numerous cats over the years and their toilets habits have been pretty good, regular poop, doesnt smell terrible, dont get it on themselves. My girlfriends sphynx kiwi who I am very much in love with (... and the girlfriend) seemingly often have soft, loose poo, and...

    Switched food runny poo

    have a 8 month old Sphynx kitten as well I just switched their food a few days ago and the kitten is having runny poo from it. I was feeding royal canin and switched to instinct. Do I need to go back to the royal canin?
  3. A

    Picky Eater! Any advice?

    Hi all- My boy "King" is just about 8 months old. Recently I switched him from wet pate canned foods due to loose and stinky stools. I started him on the freeze dried raw pellets rehydrated which he loved for the first few days and now won't touch. He will eat unhydrated as a treat but not...
  4. Janusz

    Poop question

    Anyone have suggestions/advice for a Sphynx who all of a sudden has loose stool? My Nooshie has had loose stool for awhile now. I brought him to the vet and they gave flagyl and tested his stool for parasites which was negative. I started him on FortiFlora about 3 weeks ago. He eats Stella and...
  5. K

    Poo problems

    i had cats all my life and sadly lost my siamese and persian due to long term health problems 18 month ago I am now ready to adopt 2 new house mates and fell in love with the sphynx . However, having had to care for seriously sick cats for a long time i am only too aware of the time and money...