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poo problems

  1. A

    Picky Eater! Any advice?

    Hi all- My boy "King" is just about 8 months old. Recently I switched him from wet pate canned foods due to loose and stinky stools. I started him on the freeze dried raw pellets rehydrated which he loved for the first few days and now won't touch. He will eat unhydrated as a treat but not...
  2. Janusz

    Poop question

    Anyone have suggestions/advice for a Sphynx who all of a sudden has loose stool? My Nooshie has had loose stool for awhile now. I brought him to the vet and they gave flagyl and tested his stool for parasites which was negative. I started him on FortiFlora about 3 weeks ago. He eats Stella and...
  3. K

    Poo problems

    i had cats all my life and sadly lost my siamese and persian due to long term health problems 18 month ago I am now ready to adopt 2 new house mates and fell in love with the sphynx . However, having had to care for seriously sick cats for a long time i am only too aware of the time and money...