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poop cleaning help

  1. Wariatka

    Poop everywhere HELP!

    Hello, fellow sphynx owners{= I have a big problem with my hairless lady. She is 2 years old (we adopted her from a certified breeder around 3 months ago) and she just doesn't care for intimate hygiene at all. I've had cats all my life, she is my first sphynx and though I was prepared that she...
  2. adsteps

    Do kittens always get poo on their paws or arms or legs or tails?

    weve got an 18 week old little girl called Hoshi but she more often than not seems to get poo somewhere on her when she’s been... does this happen to everyone? Just don’t want her treading poop into the carpets! We try and catch her and baby wipe her and the poop is normal (not too wet not too...