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  1. N

    Several weeks of diarrhea =(

    Any and all help is appreciated! TIA!! Our ~7year old sphynx cat has been having diarrhea for several weeks now. We tried giving some probiotics, which seemed to help a little but didn't make diarrhea go away. After 7 days of probiotics, we took him to a vet who took a stool sample and...
  2. kelsheyyx

    Poop issues - help!

    I've definitely posted about this before but here I am once again with the same problem. My bambino Luna will only poop outside of the litter box. This has been ongoing for almost 2 years - we have had to put down plastic on the floor that we can easily clean because she won't poop in the box...
  3. W

    Does feeding a Sphynx a raw diet make their poop smell better???

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the sphynx lair and I'm in the process of adopting a sphynx. He won't be ready till February as he isn't even born yet lol but I've done tons of research to educate myself about sphynxes to understand them and see what would be best for them. I've read that a lot of...
  4. MommyNaNell

    8 yrs old cat diagnosed with overgrowth of bad bacteria..

    I am new to the Lair, and new to owning a Sphynx. My cat's name is Devlinn, she will be 9 years old December 7th. I received my cat from a family member who owns quite a few. I brought her home at the end of June. She started having diarrhea a little before I took her home. We traveled 800 miles...
  5. zmoore

    Chronic soft poop: dry food suggestions?

    Roquefort (the younger of my two cats) has had soft poop more or less since we got him. It's not watery but it's just always super soft and smelly. He eats fine and we've had a fecal test and parasite tests done and the vet says he's perfectly healthy and probably just has a sensitive stomach...
  6. AlysonK

    How often does your sphynx poop?

    My boy Roswell has been eating Nulo Medalseries Cat & Kitten pretty much since I brought him home. He does well on it and his poops are nice and normal, but he poops multiple times a day and it is excessivley stinky. Like, really, really bad. My other cat is a DSH and poopa once or twice a day...
  7. TheTopaz

    Behavioral issue? Meowing before and after pooping

    Hi! I have a sphynx cat that likes to announce his poops before and after going. He has been to the vet and has a clean bill of health in terms of his kidneys, body weight, blood testing and general check up. This cat eats a raw diet with limited ingredients, mostly because his brother has IBD...
  8. Marerickson

    Worst diarrhea of all time

    My girls started with diarrhea Wednesday (we are now on day 6 of this) they ate their normal royal canin kitten canned food Wednesday night, super mushy poops, no changes in absolutely anything in their life/environment that i can think of... thursday morning they ate extremely slow and by...
  9. Aden

    Newbie - help me understand my cats IBD

    Hello Sphynx Lair-- In March I adopted a 5-year-old male Sphynx, Nuru, that had been kept by neglectful owners. Since receiving him, I have had several problems with litter box training, "poop tail," and chronic diarrhea. Upon adopting him, I learned that Nuru had Irritable Bowel Disease. I...
  10. Sammicarkeys

    Loose Stool and Grain Free food?

    I feel like a broken record. I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing me B**ch about my cats poop. He has finished his second treatment for Giardia. I'm not convinced he even has it anymore. I'm starting to think its a food issue. So I've taken some advice from fellow larians. I'm attempting to...
  11. zisforzombie

    The Notorious P.O.O.P foot... Poop issues!

    Hi all! I'm new to the forums, but have been an occasional lurker from time to time and am now having my own issues. I have been a sphynx owner for a few years now but recently added my 2nd. My 1st sphynx, is an angel with perfect litter box etiquette, and the other, my newer baby, is her...
  12. R

    Poop smears in the sheets

    Hello! I just signed up for this community because I'm becoming increasingly desperate with regards to a certain poop problem. From the looks of things, poop problems seem to be a common issue with the sphynx breed. Anyway.. I have had to resort to using huuuuuge litter chunks (currently...
  13. Maddie

    Green and Bloody Poop.... Astrid's Adventures

    So Astrid is not having a good day.She's acting normal thankfully, but her poop is grass green and filled with blood. It was so bad that the cat that hates bum wipes, came and meowed at me to wipe her butt because she had poo and blood everywhere... So off to the vet we go today (in an hour)...
  14. LittleNakeys


    Hi guys, I recently switched my 14week old kitten from Royal Canin (breeder to blame) to Candidae kitten formula and he's been pooping more than usual. Not only is he pooping more, he's also been farting more. And both of them smell SO bad. Could it be the food change or has anyone had similar...
  15. Eugene

    Need positive thoughts and wishes

    Good day all, Sorry I have not been on i long time, crazy times here, but first the good news: We took in a 3rd hairless baby (Zoe) and she is an amazing trouble maker :) Now to my question/request for positive thoughts, Ziva, my smallest baby is constantly having loose stool. We took her to...
  16. Eelsa

    Sphynx poops

    About to own my very first Sphinx and wanted to ask if the stories of their poops being the worst is true? I have heard some people say their entire house will smell after their poops.
  17. MollysMom

    The Ultimate Poop Pic (Chart to grade poop by)

    I feel like we need a section just titled "POOP" here. Anyways, I came across this on my IBD facebook page... apparently poop #2 is "ideal".
  18. Kinkandwillow

    Cat pooping on tail

    does anyone else have the problem of your cat pooping on its tail or stepping in its own poop, I'm not sure how to stop this but he runs around the house with poop on his tail if I don't notice it right away and I'm worried it's going to get onto the furniture
  19. Busera

    Sassy just started Raw food

    Hello all, Thought i'd ask a few question regarding these new meal i'm trying on Sassy. Firstly, when i had Sassy she had already been pooping loose stools and was given dry food by the vet. That was when we were in London. But i brought her back to my hometown here in Brunei and its gotten...
  20. singaporesphynx

    Primal freeze dried/frozen raw reviews?

    Hi there, I'm thinking of feeding my future Sphynx kitten Primal raw for 2 main reasons: cutting down the poop smell/issues and for overall health. Would you recommend this brand? It looks easy to prepare the portions and seems nutritious. What experiences have you had feeding this to your Sphynx?
  21. Taylor2tone

    So new and confused

    Hi everyone! So I'm love my new lil guy Bartholomew. The first couple of days he was great really relaxed and seemed great one night he really freaked out running pouncing skittish attacking everything going super crazy. I didn't know (I'm sure it might be) if this was normal for kittens or if...
  22. kelsheyyx

    more poop problems

    I think I mentioned this in my previous posts, but I'm going to bring it up again and see if you guys have any experience, insight, or advice for me on this. Ophelia has a tendency to step in her poop - a lot. Not all the time, but about once a week (at least) she poops and steps in it in the...
  23. LadyFreya

    10 month old with chronic diarrhea. It's ruining my apartment and mental health

    I have a 10 month old girl who was given to me as a gift- my boyfriend bought her off craigslist from a woman who was SUPER aggressive and mean to me when I called her inquiring about any vet papers (there were none). When i got the kitten, she was already very sick and had a respiratory...
  24. kelsheyyx

    breeze litter box?

    I've had many friends recommend the breeze litter system to me since it is a lot less smelly, and there is no litter that will be tracked around the house. My kitten was using scoop away before I bought her, so I bought that for her to use and placed it next to the breeze. I'm trying to...
  25. MelissaAlice

    .. worms?

    I'm taking Toothless into the vets tomorrow; I think she may have worms. :depressed: She's got a little pudge happening in the belly area, but no other symptoms. She is crazy active, and eats a ton! I'm just wondering if anyone has suggestion on what type of medication I should be looking at...