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  1. zisforzombie

    The Notorious P.O.O.P foot... Poop issues!

    Hi all! I'm new to the forums, but have been an occasional lurker from time to time and am now having my own issues. I have been a sphynx owner for a few years now but recently added my 2nd. My 1st sphynx, is an angel with perfect litter box etiquette, and the other, my newer baby, is her...
  2. Spight

    Voldemort rises...

    So we got our first sphynx kitten around a month ago. He's called Voldemort, Mortie for short. He's around 4.5 months old and teething hardcore. He's a funny little fellow, he'll kinda play fetch and likes to carry his toys around the apartment in his mouth. He's also very bitey at the moment so...