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  1. C

    Is this pinking?

    She came to me like this from Ukranian do her nipples look pink to you as if she might be pregnant ?
  2. KikiSphynx

    Pregnant sphynx

    Hi, read alot about cat pregnancies but not much about sphynx cats specifically on the web, Ive noticed her nipples change slightly, its possible shes 2/3 weeks pregnant. Will ring the vet around 4 weeks but keen to know sooner. thanks
  3. pocovonloco

    How Old is she safe to get Pregnant?

    Hi, I’m new here, my name’s Louise and my Sphynx’s named Poco (male) and Pitta (female), they’re not siblings. Poco is 10 months old and Pitta is 3 months old. I think Poco’s starting to get horny (I don’t know what is the right term for a cat), and I’m not sure if Pitta is ready, so I...
  4. K

    Sphynx pregnancy

    I have my first sphynx kitty and I love her! She's nine months old and in her first heat cycle. I. Want her to have one litter of kittens before we get her spayed. I have never bred before, but my husband used to work with wildlife rescue and knows a little bit about animal pregnancy... Anything...
  5. Chloe M

    After pregnancy - Excess skin?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to Sphynx Lair. I've had my beautiful little girl Lola since May 13, she's 1 year 4 months. Although I have no plans to breed her anytime soon - I do plan to do so in the future. I'm just curious as to what happens to the excess skin after pregnancy? I've seen a few...
  6. jasmyn

    Breeding sphynx walk through?

    Wondering about sphynx breeding from A to Z: the good, the bad, the in between. Where to start, what to expect, what to do, etc. Please and thank you!