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pregnant sphynx

  1. S

    10 month old sphynx pregnant ?

    I rescued a non neutered boy in December, we have a 10 month old girl that hasn't been neutured due to the corona crisis. I put Poppy in my bedroom and left her there until the end of her heat. 2 weeks later her nipples are large and pink and im thinking maybe she's pregnant. Im really worried...
  2. P

    Pregnant Sphynx delivered 1 stillborn kitten yesterday

    I adopted a 3 year old pregnant sphynx from a breeder, reason for her selling her was that my now sphynx and one of her female sphynx were not getting along. Yesterday my pregnant sphynx cat was 51 days along and delivered a stillborn kitten. Is this normal? Could she still deliver more healthy...
  3. Carsonh89

    Pregnancy Advice for a first time Sphynx Mom

    Hello All! Just a quick back story... my daughter has alopecia so I searched high and low for Sphynx Kitten for her so that she would have her own special pet that is like her. We found a Missouri breeder that had a 1yr old female for sale, so we bought her the first part of April. Three weeks...