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  1. maxwellb

    Is my baby still hungry? Help!

    Hello all! I feed my 8 month old sphynx kitty Igor (7.5/8lbs currently)a raw diet. He eats Primal Freeze Dried Rabbit Formula 4 times a day. He currently eats at 6:30am/7am with 3 nuggets, 12pm with 2 nuggets, 6pm with 2 nuggets, and 9pm/10pm with 3 nuggets. Igor is still constantly meowing...
  2. JenniSaysMeow

    Primal Raw Rabbit Nuggets serving size?

    Hello!!! I am feeding Primal raw nuggets rabbit and I was wondering if anyone else uses this and what serving size you use. My girl is right around 5lbs (she's very petite) and it says for her weight to do 2-3 nuggets a day. Right now, I am at 6 and she still begs and screams for food. I'm a...