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  1. Maddie

    The "OTHER" Blankie... Astrid's Travel Blanket

    So when I first got Astrid, my Nanna created a monster by making a super fuzzy blankie for Astrid... that she now refuses to sleep without.. meaning I have to shoved a queen sized blanket into my suitcase each time I go home!! So in prep for this trip home, I made a small fuzzy blanket for the...
  2. Nakita

    Canned and grain free dried

    Hi, what do you think about Princess premium canned food and Proncess grain free dried food? My 4 month old sphynx was on raw but i changed it now since she got a bacterial infection from the raw. I started princess wet and dry and she had some vomitting and dirarrhea episodes. Do you think she...
  3. P

    My sphynx is OBSESSED with attention?

    So as we all know sphynx cats love attention, but I feel like Penelope is just OBSESSED. If I am sleeping at night she and she decides she wants attention, she will bite my nose to get me to wake up and pet her. She also HAS to sleep on my neck. Even if I pick her up and move her she just crawls...