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  1. Monica

    Help... What am I missing??

    Countdown to Kenzo is down to FIVE DAYS! :LOL: My excitement is now becoming anxiety.... Am I ready? How are my dogs and daughter going to get on with him? Will Kenzo love it here? Will he fit into our lifestyles easy peasy lemon squeezy? Is he naughty? Where in the house should he sleep...
  2. Monica

    Product Recommendations For Favor!!

    Hola again Lairians! I need some help choosing some products/goodies for my soon-to-be-kitty! I'm new to the sphynx breed, and I would really appreciate any tips from the veterans. :) Below is the list of items that I'm currently shopping for. I've picked out a few, so if you have any comments...
  3. Anansi

    Australian Sphynx Mums

    Hey just wondering if any Australian shpynx mums had any holy grail products that they use for their babies? A lot of the products I see on here are not easily available in Brisbane and was just curious as to what people use! Thanks guys.
  4. Talia

    Cleaning products and diet- new baby on 9th June!

    Hi! Ive been obsessed with Sphynxs (and all animals) for years and years! I decided to finally go for it and get my own little Sphynx! He will not be ready until 9th June. He is a little dark wrinkly black boy! :') I am aware you have to trim their nails, clean their ears and bathe them. I am...
  5. Maddie

    What Did I Just Find...? Weird Kitty Products

    So amazon is very useful, sometimes things are just plain bizarre. I can see how this could be helpful but it gave me a good laugh! The poor kitty! What crazy products have you guys seen? Yup, I am down an internet black hole.... There is one for the tub!
  6. Kasya.B


    I will be getting my kitten soon and wanted to do things as natural as possible what natural ear cleaner, bath wash, and other products does everyone use? :)