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  1. Festerchat

    Sneezing and puked

    Hi guys! Poor little Fester is not having a great day. He's been sneezing pretty regularly for about 45 minutes and then he just puked up what could have been water, could have been bile? I'm not sure. It wasn't on an area where i could get a good idea of the color. He doesn't have a runny nose...
  2. MollysMom

    Ugh... We interrupt this nap with projectile puking

    Molly just climbed on top of me as I was dozing on the couch and SHOT puke a good 2 feet all over me... the couch... my face... the cushions. I had to strip and shower, it soaked through everything (PS - raw has to be the WORST smelling puke). She had maybe 3-4 acute episodes of vomiting and...