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  1. Hairless Blessing

    Izmae's allergies journey

    I think this will help a lot of people, who, is trying, everything else. About a year ago, Izmae started throwing up some off and on. I didn't think much of it. She started, throwing up more. I thought it was a allergy to Chicken. I changed her to a new food. She started doing alright. Then...
  2. treefoil

    Tilda is ill again (3rd time)

    Okay, here i come again... :confused: For those who dont know: I got my kitten 3 weeks ago (12 Months old) from a breeder. After 1week tilda started puking (+ diharea) for 2 days, when she stopped drinking i had to go to a pet-ambulance since it was sunday. They wanted to take an xray, gave her...