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  1. themodifieddoll

    Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin

    I've heard so much talk of including pumpkin in sphynx diets in forums that I have to ask - what sort of pumpkin are you feeding your sphynx? Especially now that it's out of season - can I find it jarred (as I've heard canned isn't good to feed them) or is raw the best/only way to go? Do you...
  2. MCLetter

    Loves pumpkin, but now won't eat her normal food AND...

    Hi all! This is my first post here :) I adopted my 4 year old Sphynx ,Cleo, from someone who could no longer keep her about 3 months ago. We've run the gamut on common issues (not going in the litter box, persistent neck scratching, refuses to take baths...) but have mostly resolved all but...
  3. pussiette


    How much pumpkin do you give your cat a day please? Thanks!
  4. pussiette

    Pumpkin how much? (Dosage)

    How much plain boiled mashed cooked pumpkin do you add to food for a 5 1/2 month old and 7 mth old kitten with intermittent loose stools please? Both have had faecal exams and one had a course of flagyl. Changing the wet to dry food ratio helps greatly but still sometimes we are getting loose...
  5. zoinks

    Firm up! Pumpkin

    I have recently had some runny poop issues with Alfie even though he is on raw. We think he got into something, but it gave us a chance to try out a new product we bought a while ago from a local health pet shop.... It's called 'Firm up! Pumpkin' and is targeted at dogs but says on the pack it...
  6. skunkfoot

    My days revolve around poop!

    Hi, new here! Just got my first hairless baby last monday and everything has been going great except for the last few days. I noticed he had runny poop all over him after he went to the bathroom. His poops stink really bad and he farts constantly throughout the day lol. He probably poops about 4...
  7. pussiette


    I know pumpkin is used to firm up stools but does it have any other nutritional benefits ?
  8. cherylfawnp

    Dirty Butt Question

    Ok, so I read on a few other threads that almost everyone here says their sphynx kitty gets a dirty butt. My question is this, do their butts get dirty from using the bathroom or from their oily skin? My experience with other pets has been the less hair in that area, the cleaner they stay...