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questions sphynx

  1. B

    Help I I’ve never seen this before

    My sphynx just had two kittens Tuesday night and I’ve never seen this before I’m thinking it’s mama over cleaning her baby? I’m not entirely sure though I wanted to get some opinions before I take her to the vet due to the closest vet being a long ways away
  2. Yana and Osiris

    The Sphynx Odds. Is this a breed thing?

    Hello pawfam! I've long been wanting to make a compilation of all Osi's (or not only Osi's) quirks that I noticed comparing him to my old regular cats. I really need to know if my cat is possessed or it's a norm for their breed lol. I don't know any other naked cat owners in real life, so feel...
  3. QueenBeanToes

    Swollen toe beans

    hello, I have a year and a few month old sphynx and a new 4 month old sphynx. My eldest , Bean, has 2 swollen toe beans. She does not like then being touched. The last time I went to the vet for the first one, they said it was a sprain. There is no wound, just a swollen , super enlarged toe...
  4. MissLadyK

    Scratching and some other things

    Hey hello, I have had my rescued sphynx Mozy for about a week now. He is settling great, really acting like a cat, running around playing and of course lots and lots of cuddles. He is very clumsy, is that a normal sphynx thing? Haha, any who for the real questions. He has been scratching his...