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  1. Kafkathesphynx

    How much food?

    Hi everyone, Kafka is now 1 year old and has a big appetite. He is almost always hungry. Normally, we give him 75 g of wet food, and we give him dry food when the bowl is empty. I'm afraid that I may be overfeeding him. He is my first Sphynx cat, and I'm very unsure about how much food is...
  2. Kiersten

    Birmingham, AL Vet Recommendations

    Hi all! I am adopting my baby boy here soon and I wanted to get some feedback on vets in the Birmingham, AL area that have experience with sphynx cats. I am living in Tuscaloosa, AL currently so looking for any vets within 1-2 hour drive. Thanks!!
  3. Maddie

    Cat Trees Recommendations!

    Hi, I'm looking at getting Astrid a cat tree to go along with my DIY project I still need to finish.... the weather needs to heat up so I can paint! Lol I found a person where I am that makes them, so I can pretty much Frankenstein the best of everything to get the ultimate cat tree! Lol and...
  4. Alouette

    Vet in NYC area for tooth extraction

    Hi! Ellibelly came to me with broken upper canines from the home she was seized from (unfortunately she is a rescue with a very sad backstory :unsure: ) - at the time the vet said to leave them be until they got worse/started giving her trouble, and at her last check up he thought that they...
  5. BlueJune

    Looking for Recommendations

    Hello sphynx mothers and fathers, I'm on a journey to find a reputable breeder in the US who breeds sphynx. I had a sphynx at one point in my life, though short-lived. I fell for her adorable face but received a sick kitten from a sub-par breeder. It's been about 1 year since that happened and...
  6. ivana


    Hi everyone, We are looking for a good vet in the los angeles area for a second opinion regarding our baby's health. We took Lotus to the vet yesterday and were told that he has a heart mur mur. The vet doesn't know much about the breed and made our visit very unpleasant. Please help us out...