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  1. Monica

    Soon to be Sphynx Baby Mama!! Hola!!

    Hola! I’m currently the baby mama of one pit/boxer mix, one teacup yorkie, one adorable 7 month old baby girl AND expecting a seal mink sphynx boy in late May! We just reserved our baby, and I think I may go stir crazy waiting for gotcha day! I’ve been wanting a sphynx for 5 years now and...
  2. Bean0709

    New to this site

    My husband and I live in Illinois. Here is a little history of my past experience with Sphynx and cats in general. I have owned 2 Sphynx in the past. The first one I bought 17 years ago from some breeder in Arkansas. At that time, I was very ignorant to backyard breeders, however, my first...
  3. Kiersten

    Birmingham, AL Vet Recommendations

    Hi all! I am adopting my baby boy here soon and I wanted to get some feedback on vets in the Birmingham, AL area that have experience with sphynx cats. I am living in Tuscaloosa, AL currently so looking for any vets within 1-2 hour drive. Thanks!!
  4. Maddie

    Cat Trees Recommendations!

    Hi, I'm looking at getting Astrid a cat tree to go along with my DIY project I still need to finish.... the weather needs to heat up so I can paint! Lol I found a person where I am that makes them, so I can pretty much Frankenstein the best of everything to get the ultimate cat tree! Lol and...