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reputable breeder

  1. R

    Looking for a kitten! + rep. breeders

    Hi! I’m looking for a Sphynx kitten to love. I’ve run into scammers a lot! If anyone can give me reputable breeders in Arizona (where I’m located) or surrounding states (I’ll drive there!), I would appreciate it! Or possibly ones that do shipping but I’d rather not if I don’t have to. TIA!!
  2. AshJoJo

    In search of an elf

    Hi everyone, I am new here and not sure if this an acceptable or appropriate question, if not I am so sorry. My husband and I had to make the heart wrenching decision to have our beautiful angel Laila put to sleep. She was diagnosed with wet FIP and it was only a matter of days before it took...
  3. B

    Midwest Breeders

    Hi all! I'm looking for a reputable breeder I can visit in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana area. Does have one they have purchased a kitten from that they recommend? Thanks!