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  1. Genferguso

    Looking to adopt/rehome/rescue a nakey baby!

    Hi friends! I recently moved out with my two hairless cats and now my mom is finding her house very empty. She’s looking to find a nakey baby of her own now! She is an experienced sphinx owner since she helped care for both my boys when we lived there. She is open to any gender or age (prefer to...
  2. B

    Looking to adopt in MA/New England/Tri-state area

    Hi everyone, I am looking to adopt my first sphynx! I am in Boston, MA but would be willing to drive to nearby states in New England and the tri-state area for a cat:)! I would prefer to adopt a retired cat/rescue instead of buying but let me know if you have heard of anything or know any...
  3. J

    ISO Sphynx in need of re homing or adoption.

    Hello! i've been doing a ton of research and am finally ready to take the plunge into getting a cat companion for me and my Aussie. Im located in upstate NY and would love to give a Sphynx kitten or cat a new life in our home. Im also interested in the peterbald cats and kittens as well. My...
  4. Pattieshmayo

    Looking to adopt

    Hi there I’ve been searching for a sphynx cat to adopt for years as I have allergies and am allergic to normal cats with fur I’m looking for a cat to kind of be a support animal as I don’t have anyone else in this world and I can’t find a reliable breeder they have all fallen through and I’ve...