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  1. A

    thanks yoda mom for the intro...

    hi. my name is Alesandra. I am wanting to rescue a nudie lol! because they are the only cat that I'm not allergic to. its important that I rescue because I adopt. I don't shop! saving lives is very important to me. so I guess ill just be here reading people comments and entries about their...
  2. Tamsin

    Sphynx boil?!

    Our Sphynx boy gets some pretty epic feline acne, we do our best to keep on top of it considering tictac likes to be a grubby boy! We noticed a lump on his chin that started off like a blind zit and got larger, we took him to the vets and with a course of antibiotics it almost disappeared. It...
  3. Penni Chesmore

    Looking for a sphynx cat to rescue/adopt. I live in South Dakota

    My husband and I have been rescuing animals for about 15 years. I am looking for a sphynx cat for my birthday ( ASAP) I live in South Dakota. Can anyone help ?
  4. Penni Chesmore

    Nice to meet you all!!!!

    Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be on here. My family and I are currently looking for a sphynx cat for my birthday. We have always rescued her animals or adopted them and so we are currently trying to do the same with a sphynx cat, which I hear is about impossible LOL. We are willing to show...
  5. Primo1854

    ISO female Sphynx Chicago

    Looking for Sphynx in Chicago area. I would rather rescue than purchase from a breeder. I only deal locally and will drive up to 4 hours. If you have a Sphynx and are looking to rehome please consider my family. We are experienced with the breed and will give it a very loving home. Go bald!!!
  6. Primo1854

    Looking to rescue in Illinois.

    I thought I already posted in this section but I don't see the post. So, hear it is again. I'm looking to rescue or purchase a Sphynx. I'm just south of Chicago. I recently had my Sphynx laid to rest and would like to home another one. Thanks for reading!
  7. Primo1854

    Looking to adopt or purchase in Chicago.

    We just lost our beloved 11 year old Sphynx Mookie. She was the most loving cat I've ever known. I'm allergic to cats but not the Shpynx. Which is why I love this breed so much. I am looking to adopt or purchase a new kitten, preferably female. I would also consider rescuing an adult. I have...
  8. MrsCreepshow

    Lost my eldest, now ready to adopt

    In October, just two days after his 11th birthday, my eldest cat child Jobie departed this world. Jobie was a unique puddle of wrinkles and made of pure love. He was my everything and I miss him everyday. I know his brother misses him as well so I am looking to adopt another Sphynx into the...
  9. K

    IsO sphynx -- CA

    Hello! I have been wanting a sphynx cat for a while and am wanting to adopt/rescue! :X3:
  10. S

    looking to rescue a female sphynx in FL

    Kind of an odd situation, but I am sure you guys get a lot of these. :) My husband, and I are looking for a sphinx to love, and rescue Florida, but we are on a budget. We live on a sailboat on an air force base, My husband is a retired army veteran. We are both wildlife rescue volunteers, but...
  11. HappyLilSphynx

    Looking in NE Florida

    As many of you know, I lost my beloved 3-year-old sphynx to complications from HCM in December. I know that there will be another hairless baby in my life, and would prefer to rescue/rehome if I have the opportunity. I live in NE Florida (Jacksonville area) , but am willing to travel to...
  12. SphynxMom1993

    TN or anywhere! Looking for Sphynx for Godparents. They LOVE our 15 year old Sphynx

    If anyone has a Sphynx they are rehoming my Godparents would be perfect and they have no pets. He/she would be the only pet and really loved and doted on! They are retired, have lots of love and time, own their home and stable. They prefer a female but a male is fine if he's not a marker. Inbox...
  13. BeethovenAndMe

    Still looking in SC

    I have been searching for a baby in or around SC for a few months with no luck. I found two breeders, both in Atlanta, but I haven't heard from one and the other wants a $500 nonrefundable deposit before the babies are even born. I really don't want to do that because I am a bit picky when it...
  14. MissLadyK


    Hey Hello, It has happened, I have joined the few and the proud. I got myself a wee man. Motzart, or Mozy as I have come to call him was a rescue. I found him through the alerts on a rescue site and as soon as his little grumpy faced popped up I applied right away. He was a male stud 5 yrs...
  15. MissLadyK

    Tell me about your experience with adoption/rescue, please

    Hello Hello, I was just curious as to who has adopted adult sphynx cats, and your experience with them settling in? Was the cat a rescue? How long did it take for them to settle in? Is their trouble now and again from their past? Were they a breeder and fixed then retired? What was their past...
  16. M

    ISO Sphynx in CA

    I just moved to Oakland, CA and am looking for a sphynx to adopt or rescue in the area. Preferably not a kitten, as my landlord prefers cats over kittens. I've been wanting a sphynx cat for a long time and am finally hoping to take the plunge. Please let me know if you have any info regarding...
  17. S


    Hello! I'm desperately searching for a sphynx to rescue or rehome. My children and I lost all our pets when we had to move away from their dad, and they are very depressed. It's been months and they still cry. I've given up on trying to get our babies back, but I'm hoping to gift them a new...
  18. B

    Looking for a new friend in Alabama

    Rescue wanted. We are looking for a new member of our family and friend for our son. We are located around Birmingham Al.
  19. Rachael McLain

    Looking to adopt in OH

    Hi, my name is Rachael and I'm new here ! I am looking into a future adoption of a Sphynx female. Hopefully a kitten or a young cat. Although I do know I want a Sphynx, I want to be better prepared for my naked baby. I am looking to adopt end of September/beginning of October. I have looked...
  20. S

    Hello Again

    I was introduced to a sphynx, when I was in the hospital being treated for cancer. There I was, just finishing up another chemo treatment, no hair, feeling lousy and I get the feeling I am being watched. I look over and there is this totaly hairless cat. "What they have you in here for?" and...
  21. T

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx. Houston, Tx. Age/gender does not matter.

    Hello, I am looking to adopt a Sphynx cat in Texas. I do not want to buy a kitten from a breeder so if you are a breeder, please do not contact me. I would like to give a good, loving, forever home to a cat that needs to be rescued or re-homed for whatever reason. Gender and age do not matter...
  22. meowmamaNV

    Kitty mama in NV seeking new addition

    Hello all! First ever post since joining, so here goes... I am a 21 year old mother to three boys (two being human) and one rescued fluffy boy cat named Sebastian. My sons are still young but have been around animals since birth and are very comfortable and respectful of them. My family has had...
  23. C


    Me and my wife would love nothing more in this world than to adopted,rescue a darling sphynx, we live in the east bay area California, you would truly be making our dreams come true if you could help us. Thankyou, Calvin and Maria Beasley
  24. BGB

    Sphynx Groupie

    I have love Sphynx cats for a long time. I think they are such beautiful cats and would really love to own one someday. Right now I live out of the states and in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, I hate it. I've always grown up around animals so I'm a little down that couldn't even bring my...
  25. bucket baby

    bucket baby

    poor thing didn't wanna get out!