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  1. RickiMoon

    ISO Sphinx Cat- Seattle

    Hi I’m new around here. I was wondering if anyone would have any leads on finding a cat in the Seattle area. Elk the breeders who have contacted me are from out of the country and want $2500+ per cat. That is more than I’m wanting to spend ($1200). Please help meeeee. I’d be more interested in...
  2. J

    Looking to adopt TEXAS

    Hello! Loving family looking to adopt a retired Sphynx or maybe one that just never got its home! I currently have a year and half male Sphynx who is extremely active and needs a buddy! Also have a super gentle 3yr old dog who lets my cat beat her up and she just lays there lol!! Looking in...
  3. M

    Adopting adult Sphynx with HCM positive father?

    Hello all! I'm adopting a retired Sphynx from a breeder, and I recently learned that her niece is available as well. I was super excited to get both cats, but then I learned that the father of the second kitty just died of HCM at age 7. The mother is HCM negative at 7. So all their babies were...
  4. Ambrownq

    Retired Breeders

    It seems like this is the appropriate place for this post. I just wanted everyone to know that I contacted a Sphynx breeder in my area a few months back because her site said that she has retired breeders occasionally that she gives away. She answered me a few days ago because she is retiring...