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ringworm scars

  1. A

    Skin Rash?

    Hello, Does anybody know, what are these? All of my 5 kittens have it, even the 1-month-old kittens also have it. I already talked to the vet and they gave me a derma soap. Do you have any remedies for these? It looks like a pimple. But all 4 of my adult cats doesn't seem to have it.
  2. Sphnxophelia

    Ringworm Scars??? Advice needed

    Hey All, My Poor baby kittens got Ringworm a couple weeks ago and we put on a Cream that healed them quickly. However, Now they have these very dark brown/black spots where ever they had their Ringworm before. Is this Scarring? If not what is this and will it go away? I need to...