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  1. suzfoote

    Chronic runny eyes - solution!!

    Hey all!! So my little McNulty has been suffering from chronic runny eyes his whole life.. Vets think it's herpes. He has been on countless meds, eye drops, creams, L-Lysine, etc. And none of then ever cleared it up. There was one post on here that came up on Google.. Suggesting Lactoferrin. I...
  2. MollysMom

    The Ultimate Poop Pic (Chart to grade poop by)

    I feel like we need a section just titled "POOP" here. Anyways, I came across this on my IBD facebook page... apparently poop #2 is "ideal".
  3. SarahLovee82

    Sensitive Starla

    Starla has always had a sensitive tummy. If she got herself into anything that was not her regular food she would get really runny poo. A few months ago she & Bentley got hold of a bag of super cheap cat food that I had in my pantry to feed the stray cat that lives in the shed behind my...
  4. SarahShambles

    Runny stools !!

    :depressed: My poor sphynx has suffered from a bad tummy since we got him in October! Firstly he had suffered from cat flu when we picked him up that eventually cleared up but now it's constant runny stools he's been treated for worms and any other nasty things so that's ruled out...could it be...
  5. cherylfawnp

    Dirty Butt Question

    Ok, so I read on a few other threads that almost everyone here says their sphynx kitty gets a dirty butt. My question is this, do their butts get dirty from using the bathroom or from their oily skin? My experience with other pets has been the less hair in that area, the cleaner they stay...