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  1. arnie

    Canadian or Russian? Is my “Sphynx”actually a Donskoy?

    Hello everyone, posting for the first time here, we have been looking after a friend’s sphynx, T.T., on and off for almost a year (our friend’s been away so often that this is beginning to feel like a co-ownership now…). We absolutely adore T.T., and he’s sparked our interest on all things...
  2. Monica

    CFA & TICA Show Sphynx

    Hola!! Who here has experience showing their sphynx? :D I'm interested in possibly showing my Kenzo Bare in the kitten division once I get him. My breeder favors him and one other male in her current litters. I'd like to get in touch with some Lairians who have show experience and pick...
  3. My boys are growing so fast!

    My boys are growing so fast!

    Their eye colours have changed into their final form! Green and orange! How beautiful! Guess I didn't need to buy different colour collars to help James figure out which one's which
  4. dodocats

    Russian Folk Dance Spanish Mix

    Hello Everyone :) Watch this Russian folk traditional dance with Spanish Music Beautiful Mix video Enjoy it ^-^
  5. Don Waffle

    San Angelo TX Sphynx Rescue...

    I had two female russian sphynx cats taken from me by an angry husband, and put into a sphynx shelter. I don't know where this shelter is. My heart is broken. If you're in the West Texas area and are serious about giving two female Russian sphynx an amazing and wonder and beautiful new forever...
  6. Don Waffle

    Donskoy in West TX Needs New Home

    Hello! I'm in San Angelo TX and I'm looking for a new home for my little Yuri. He just turned one year in March. Yuri is a sweet little guy who needs and loves bucket loads of love. The little attention skunk is known to jump up on anyone (Even people new to meet him) just to rub chins. I...