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  1. Frankieyates

    Help! Noisy boy

    My partner and I got our first sphynx kitten Sid on Saturday. He’s such a snuggly loving baby but he is so so loud. He screams constantly throughout the day while my partner is working (he works from home) but even when he’s in the same room, he doesn’t get any comfort from being close and will...
  2. Janusz

    I cannot get my 7 mo. old to stop screaming when I am getting his food ready.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to get cat to stop screaming when I am preparing his food? Like literally screams and meows so loud it is beyond annoying. I have tried the water bottle and that does not work. I do not want to yell at him...he is my baby. It just seems like when it comes to...
  3. Bogeycat

    Sudden aggression?

    Hello.. I have a sphynx named Bogey he is 1.5 years old. He is consistently adorable and sweet, purring on me and he sleeps with me every night. Yesterday I took him on his harness into the front yard because once a week I like to get him outside just to look around. He is an indoor cat we don't...